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September 2019   Clare Townley

Clare Townley has been producing large furls of extruded clay for a while now. Since Completing her BA in 2017(Newcastle University) she has seen no other option, a soothing component to her other hobbies; being the infected host of a parasitic plastic plant for her 2019 show at Cheeseburn Granges, 'North East Young Sculptor of the Year Award', and knitting.  


Clare finds ultimate catharsis in making clay extrusions, and enjoys how each aspect of her practice ; recycled bottle rope - to kintting - extrusions etc etc helps to inform what she does next, even if at the time they do not seem connected.  


She is intrigued by, Sci-fi old style visual film effects and prosthetic, nature, aesthetics of tomato vivipary, coral reefs and the psychological impact of plastic.   


For this show, clare revisits her extruded sculptures and produces preliminary collage counterparts for her extrusions - its a mixed up life ♻️cycle. 


They are all available to purchase. ☄

photo credit: Sound Ideas Media

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