November 2018

Angie, Gary and Tracy's Big Photography Show

SURVIVOR  [Angie].jpg
Sunset over Lakeland  [Gary].jpg
slaters-bridge- [Gary].jpg
Spring has sprung  [Gary].jpg
ROSE  [Angie].jpg
DELICATE  [Angie].jpg
Been rumbled  [Gary].jpg
BargeGraveyard [Tracy].jpg

Angie Gill, Gary Smith and Tracy Cooper are enthusiastic photographers and for a long period of time have been  members of the ‘TTL Camera Club’ in Doncaster.

They specialize in various photographic subjects and techniques,  but landscape photography  is a common interest.

‘The ability of photography to connect to our past, capture moments and preserve memories without words make it an influential hobby for all of us’

Magnolia  [Tracy].jpg
Floating Market   [Tracy].jpg