May 2018

Hilary Cartmel  'Holiday Snaps'

Hilary is taking part in Nottinghamshire's Open Studio event 12 /13 may and  26 - 28 May weekend . Come and visit the studio, Refreshments available. The Dovecot Gallery, which is part of the studios, will be showing work by a lucky thirteen  Nottinghamshire artists and plenty to see.  Poplars Farm

Styrrup DN118NB

Holiday Snaps: 

What do artists do on holiday? 

I am notoriously bad at relaxing by a pool working on my suntan – it never happens.  I like to walk, whether I am in cities or the countryside, and I like to see things, go to museums and art galleries, climb hills and mountains, walk coastal footpaths and moorlands. I am not good in the heat,  I like to find a shady place to draw or get the watercolours out, a small selection of tubes and a plastic jar lid for a pallet. I have often found a cool olive orchard to spend time in, though few of the results still exist! As a subject, they are very difficult!  I rarely work small or  in a sketchbook.  I often work at A3 size, which is easily transported under my arm, with a lightweight board, and fits in the bottom of  a suitcase if flying.  Pictures can be made very fast or take several hours and are not always finished, but perhaps worked on until the lunch bell rings (I wish!) or its time to join the family.  I don’t always draw.  Sometimes a place doesn’t take my attention  in that way, perhaps I need longer to get to know it, and need to have walked through it for some time first.   The watercolours made in the lake district in 1985 were the result of over 2 months spent in one place, walking and making sculpture before I found a place to begin to paint.  Landscape is not always the subject, sometimes its produce bought from a local market, an architectural detail, some plants in a garden or an old stone wall.   The pictures in this  exhibition have been made over a period of 33 years in central Spain, Crete, Rajasthan, Ireland, The Lake District and the Haute Maritime Alps.

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