March 2020 William Sculthorpe                    and Terry Chipp

William Sculthorpe is a painter who has lived, worked and studied in London, South Yorkshire, Northamptonshire and Lincoln. Work can be seen in galleries and exhibitions and is held in collections both in Britain and other countries.

The artist has produced work across a wide range of subjects, with a very particular style - concentrated observation of reality with attention to effects of light.  There is specific interest in the particular person, place or object; or in the particular light; there is often a luminous quality of painting, which compellingly evokes light falling on to and reflecting from surfaces; and light defining form, substance and space.

Terry Chipp photo.jpg

Terry Chipp

I am based at the Chippko.Art Studio/Gallery in C-View (the old art college) next to Doncaster Minster.

‘Inside the Box’ is one of a number of themes that I have frequently worked on over recent years.  Most of my subjects have been professional performers – musicians, actors and dancers – but I was interested to see how they and ‘ordinary’ people would react in an unfamiliar situation.  My Box became a miniature stage where they could choose how to present themselves.

I have been persuading people into my Boxes for about 6 years now. Some have posed importantly while others have been playful.  I am now looking for people who show off, dress up (or down), tell a story or give an air of mystery.  What is your style?  Could you be my next subject??

Please take a card and contact me to arrange a visit and maybe a sitting (No charge).