March 2019  Mike Shaw Paintings 


I have been painting since I was a teenager in Sheffield in the 1960s. Although I undertook no formal art training I was inspired and advised by the art teacher at my secondary school, Clarence Helliwell, who allowed me to use the art room in my lunchtimes and free periods.


My great grandfather, David Payne, was a  successful professional  artist in Derby and Sheffield. He painted Queen Victoria's Jubilee visit to Derby which hangs in the city art gallery. Although my father did not pursue an artistic career, he inherited an ability to draw expertly and encouraged me to do the same.


I sold my first painting in the Sheffield Graves Art Gallery Open Exhibition in1965 for 20 guineas which was very encouraging. That same year I was awarded a scholarship to study geography at St Edmund Hall, Oxford. Painting took a bit of back seat then although I exhibited at exhibitions there, selling work to fellow students and some a academics, including the then Warden of New College, Sir William Hayter.


After getting my degree, I studied for an MA in Town and Regional Planning at Sheffield University from 1968 to 1970 when I got a job in the Planning Department of Norfolk County Council. On Local Government Reorganization in 1974, I moved to Broadland District Council. My time in Norfolk led me to develop an affection for the Norfolk countryside and coastal scenery which provided many good subjects.


I moved to Doncaster for a post in the planning department in 1977, continued painting and joined Doncaster Art Club. I became the Club's Chair in 1995 and haven't yet found anyone to take over the role! Since retirement, from my final professional 20 years as a Planning Inspector, I have had more time to spend on Club matters and to paint.


I work principally in oils, but also enjoy watercolor and pastels. I concentrate mainly on landscapes and townscapes, with occasional seascapes and harbour scenes also.  It is said that I  am possibly best known for painting trees and foliage and I certainly find such subjects challenging in any season.  Although self taught I have benefited greatly from the advice and companionship of fellow members of the Art Club.