March 2018

chris campbell

The prints, drawings and other mixed media pieces are of things that interest me. They are snapshots and documentations of events, from direct experiences to thoughts and ideas. For me, the making of the artwork is a therapeutic experience with the process of making them often more important than the finished thing. Making involves having an idea, no particular plan and a general direction. From there it’s an organic process where once you embark on a sketch, vectorise a photograph, copy, paste and laser cut, the artwork begins to manifest itself. Each of the artworks have a story, a photo of eggs being cooked overlooking the harbour in Sydney becomes a relief print, it replaces the photo which is then binned. The print becomes my memory of the event.  A dustbin sketch from a previous project is printed. Later on this is reprinted with an ‘artwork’ not selected for a local art exhibition in the bin. It’s my reaction to rejection.  Often images are used several times over many artworks. Backing boards with ghost images from cutting stencils are often a more interesting end product than the cut objects and its these which are shown.  All the artworks become a visual diary and just like life, some are interesting and some quite dull.