I’m 43 years old and live and work in South Yorkshire. I studied design and crafts at university over 20 years ago. After meeting my husband and beginning our family with our two sons I decided to put my art on hold. Now the boys are older I’ve reconnected with my absolute joy for art.

My previous works have been in textiles and mixed media, now I have discovered wet felting, or as I like to call it painting in wool.

Marino wool is a very versatile and strong wool used for felting. I create pieces often using vibrant colours built up into a crosshatch or webbing process. The exciting part for me when creating a piece is that you can’t predict the outcome entirely. Each piece comes alive with its own warmth and depth. It’s really important to me that my work invites the viewer to reach out and touch the felt itself. This connection builds a bridge between artist and viewer, which I believe is a joyful and inspirational moment.

I hope my work inspires you and brings you as much Joy as I feel.