this wonderful image by Graham Firth goes some way to doing justice to the stock in this fantastic Doncaster deli.  Any ingredient from any world cuisine that you may want will be here. Josie (thats her behind the counter, and at this time of year she will be sporting a black woolie hat) runs the most amazing of shops, it's a cooks and foodie's paradise.  This print is for sale inSciclunas.

Artisan made bread delivered to the Deli at the weekend, delicious sour dough and many wonderful imaginative additions to the chiabatta dough, lemon and rosemary, chili and cumin, chocolate and cranberry... different suprises every week.... This is Mark  the master baker  from the BAY TREE HOME BAKERY, where unsuprisingly there is  a large Bay Tree in the garden.

 labour of love  preserves

a full flavoured marmalade - made for grown-ups  

seville oranges - by the kilo make the most wonderful marmalade, slow cooked, rough cut and just the best, bitter - sweet, citrussy flavour.

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