february 2019  Roger Powell

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After a working life as a teacher I now relax in my later years by painting. I work in all media but prefer pastels and acrylics for their vibrancy. Having discovered the Staithes Festival which takes place each September I decided to display and sell my work. Over the past few years I have been quite successful. I have now decided to exhibit more and share my work hence my display at the Deli. 

Some of my pictures are based on photographs by a gentleman called M. Ian Harrison whose love of colour matches my own .I paint purely for pleasure and the selling of my paintings is a by-product of that and a need for space at home. I am an amateur artist who sells paintings and not a professional who does this for a living. I gain a great deal of pleasure from the fact that through the sale of my art I can share my work with others and they like me get enjoyment from the different pieces. 

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