February    2018              

 Maureen  Fisher             

maureen Fisher

The Owl Lady-Mrs M.A.Fisher

Maureen Ann Fisher (M.A. Fisher) is a Doncaster artist, who studied Art as part of a Teacher Training Course. Birds of prey have always been a fascination for her.  She visits bird of prey displays, taking photographs from which she gains ideas for her drawings.

Since retirement, she has continued to draw and has developed her own ‘quirky’ and ‘kooky’ style concentrating on birds of prey, owls especially. Look carefully at the pictures, as they are not completely black and white; there is a red ladybird somewhere on them all, as a ‘signature’.

She has exhibited her drawings in the Mac Gallery at Doncaster and the Braithwaite Gallery, York. She regularly enters her drawings in the Museum & Art Gallery Open Art and has sold them from there.

Four of her drawings appeared in the December 2016 issue of Doncopolitan and she had a mention in the editorial. For her latest drawings, she has added scenery and used pointillism. Originals, prints and postcards  and colouring books of her drawings will be on show, too.