Meet the master baker who makes bread exclusively for Scicluna Deli.

This is Mark McDonagh.

- all bread is baked locally and travels less than a mile to the shop.

- the bread contains  locally sourced flour and ingredients from Scicluna Deli

- the sourdough is a Doncaster sourdough using the wild yeast and other microbes that live in the air in our town. The mix of microbes is unique and produces a bread that can only be made here.

- all the bread has only 1% salt which is half the normal level found in commercial breads.

- suggestions for recipes are always received gladly.

'' the best bread in the area, it is wonderful when fresh, but equally makes the most wonderful toast when a week old - you can't say that of any other bread!''   Mike- customer and MM fan


try Mark's sour dough,  and then the Lemon and Rosemary loaf.... wonderful wonderful bread

sour dough starter