At the one and only  Scicluna deli just next to Doncaster’s market the tiny exhibition space in the coffee shop will become a monthly changing show by a collection of very different artists, some local, some not, but all creating wonderful small work to vue and to buy.

This space will create a varied environment for the consumption of good coffee and wonderful food, a backdrop for the community that makes up Josie’s clientele in the deli. Its a shop where every ingredient exists….. somewhere…..

shopping in Sciclunas is a pleasure, its a bit of a gathering place, the customers chat to each other, they loiter and discuss, make orders and discuss recipes, many have been shopping with Josie over many years, and they greet each other warmly. Its about as far away from supermarket shopping as is possible to get!

Art at the Deli will provide an exhibition gallery for the purchasing public, an opportunity for artists to sell work and for Josie to support a children’s charity which is close to her heart. The gallery’s small percentage will go directly to Columbian orphans living in appalling condidtions

Josie ( Scicluna's owner) through selling artwork from the coffee-bar walls, wants to raise money for charities that help children

Sciclunas support Let The Children Live a Columbian project working with street children, and this space provides an excellent opportunity for artists to sell and folks to buy small works. 


Let The Children Live :



Mary's Meals




Scicluna Delicatessen and Coffee Bar

photo by Warren Draper from Doncopolitan

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